Mastering the art of overcoming feelings of being overburdened is an essential life skill for any entrepreneur. It is impossible to avoid becoming overwhelmed! It’s just a step along the way for you!

Through being overwhelmed and learning how to manage it you become better at:

  • Having a quicker recognition for it.
  • Decreasing the frequency with which it takes place.
  • Progressing through it more fruitfully.

What Does Being Overwhelmed Feel Like to You?

When you have a better understanding of how you feel when you are becoming overwhelmed, you will be able to take action to stop it much more quickly. Way too many people are unaware that they are being overwhelmed by their circumstances.

They just let t control them. As they start giving in to increasingly deep emotions of overwhelm, they become more fearful and could even push themselves into a full-blown nervous breakdown (I’ve been there, got the t-shirt, and let me tell you, it’s not fun!). It is also crucial to remember in my opinion, that the feeling of being overwhelmed is not necessarily a “negative” one. It is also possible for it to be a positive one.

When people suddenly find themselves in fortunate circumstances, they frequently experience feelings of emotional overload. They are also overcome with emotion when they have an experience that they never imagined they would enjoy, such as meeting one of their idols, getting a job, or discovering their life partner.

The Pause and Reflect Reaction of Your Physical Being

It’s a good sign if you’re feeling overwhelmed. You got that right! It’s your body’s natural response of alerting you to something even if you aren’t paying attention to it yourself. Your body is trying to tell you something when it gives you these feelings of being overwhelmed. This is a message telling you to “Pause. Slow it down. We are having a hard time keeping up with you!

When I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed, I think of it as my body’s “Pause and Reflect Response.” Your body will cause you to feel intense emotions to get your attention. It encourages you to pause, think, and either make a decision that will improve your life or take the time to appreciate a significant point in your life. When the following occurs, your body is trying to get your attention:

  • You have a limited amount of energy left.
  • Your attention is scattered in so many different directions that you cannot concentrate on a single thing.
  • You are gaining a greater quantity of sensory stimuli than your brain can process at this time.
  • You are suffering from either physical or mental agony.
  • You are having a difficult time making sense of a situation that has never occurred to you before.
  • You have the impression that your actions do not reflect the values that you hold.
  • When you are put in a situation or faced with a challenge that you are not used to.
  • Your body will do everything it takes to bring you to a halt when it senses that you are not taking the time to properly assess the situation you find yourself in.

The Secret to Tackling Overwhelm in a few Easy Steps

Paying enough attention to your needs is the first step in the five-step process outlined below for overcoming feelings of being overwhelmed.


The primary and most essential step is to come to a complete halt. Recognize that you are experiencing feelings of being overwhelmed. If you choose not to, you will most likely find that the feelings you are currently experiencing become even more intense. To reiterate, it is crucial to become conscious of what it is like for you to feel overwhelmed to be able to anticipate it and prepare for it in advance.

Take a Breath

It is much more difficult to think clearly when you are experiencing feelings of being overwhelmed. Take a slow, deep breath and focus on bringing it down to your belly to activate your body’s natural “Relaxation Response.” Then you should slowly let go of it. Repeat the process numerous times until you feel as though the intensity of your feelings is beginning to lessen.

When you experience feelings of being overwhelmed, this is a sign that the nervous system in your body is being taxed beyond its capacity. Taking slow, deep breaths has been shown to have a calming effect on the brain. Your slow breaths cause your brain to slow down as well. Your frame of mind shifts in response to the rhythm of your breathing.

Wondering Why?

When you’re no longer experiencing feelings of being overwhelmed, question why you were feeling that way in the first place. What do I believe is the source of this sensation? Keep in mind that your brain is just being overstimulated, and your body is trying to get your attention by making you feel overwhelmed so that you will listen to a need that is not being met. You must provide your body with what it requires, which is increased insight and knowledge.

Always Reflect

Investigate a wide range of potential solutions to this feeling as you gain a better understanding of the factors that led to your state of being overwhelmed.

Which of the individual’s physical requirements was not being met:

  • Do you require nourishment?
  • Sleep?
  • Water?
  • A temperature that is cooler or that is warmer?
  • Where did you get too much stimulation?

Do you need to lessen the impact of any environmental stimuli, such as noise or light? Were there specific ideas that kept popping into your head? Have you consumed an excessive amount of caffeine? Were you confronted with an excessive amount of novel experiences? Your brain CRAVES having things nailed down! It has a strong desire for a sure thing. There is a good chance that your brain will activate your Pause and Reflect Response if you are attempting to make a significant shift in your life or if you are engaging in an activity that is completely foreign to you for the very first time.

Move Forward One Step at a time

Create a list of potential next steps now that you’ve gained a general understanding of the factors that contributed to your feeling of being overwhelmed:

  • Don’t go all in at once. To move further away from the sensation of being overwhelmed, take a step that is both small and achievable. This is the message that your body has already been attempting to communicate to you for a long time!
  • Take a moment to pause, slow down, and select an option with greater deliberation.
  • Make the conscious decision to fight off feelings of overwhelm rather than simply accepting them.

As I mentioned at the start of this blog, you are undoubtedly going to experience feelings of being overburdened as you progress along the path of being a sole proprietor. Anticipate when it comes so you can take preventative measures against it!

Strategies That Can Help You Deal With Feeling Overwhelmed

Realize Where the Limits of Your Comfort Zone Lie

Take a minute to think about the common causes of feeling overwhelmed. How can you begin to question the validity of the limiting beliefs you have about yourself? How can you get started on expanding the boundaries of your comfort zone?

Divide Your Actions Down Into Smaller Chunks

How frequently do you find that beginning a large project causes you to feel overwhelmed because you simply do not know where and how to start? To get started, you need to have a strong grasp of “why” you have to complete this project.

Which Courses Could Potentially Help You?

The Task Management Challenge is not just another productivity course – it’s a lifeline tailored for entrepreneurs feeling the weight of endless to-dos. Crafted carefully to help you navigate through these feelings, the challenge equips you with effective delegation tools, ensuring you focus on what truly matters. Instead of succumbing to the relentless cycle of burnout, it guides you towards mastery over your tasks, striking a balance between ambition and well-being. Remember, constant juggling isn’t the hallmark of a successful business owner, but mastering task management is. Transform your operational approach by reading up on The Task Management Challenge.

Take Care of Your Mental Well-being

If you frequently experience feelings of being overwhelmed, you should pause and ask yourself, “Why?” What steps can you take to fix the problem? Which paths are open to you? What sorts of things can you do that will help you feel less tense? How can you calm your racing thoughts?

Take Good Care of the Physical Body You’ve Been Given

Your body can withstand a lot up until the point where it can’t. If you frequently get a sufficient amount of sleep, eat nutritious meals, and move your body, you would be able to deal with feelings of being overwhelmed in a manner that is a LOT more effective.

Gain Wisdom From Experiencing Too Much

Denial is the most common response that people have when they are experiencing feelings of being overwhelmed. I will freely admit that in the past it has caused me to feel “weak.” I have come to realize that becoming more curious about it can help me become stronger. Feeling overwhelmed can help you figure out what’s preventing you from progressing and what options you have for overcoming the obstacles that stand in your way.

Because we’ve convinced ourselves that we have to handle every situation on our own, an increasing number of people are finding themselves in increasingly difficult situations. Our constant preoccupation with getting the most out of every second of the day causes us a great deal of anxiety.

Do You Want to Get Over Being Overwhelmed?

Slow it down.

Try to do less sometimes.

Start with the thing that is most important to you.