What is team building? Team building is a fun exercise that builds working relationships and effectively decreases controversy within a workgroup and gets people motivated to work together towards a common goal. Teambuilding exercise may be for one day or on a regular basis, here are some fun ideas for your team building activities.

Minute to Win It
Made popular by the television show a minute to win it, this is a fun way to encourage teamwork. Divide workers into teams and using everyday items they must accomplish the given task in one minute. You may choose for instance to have five rounds per teambuilding exercise or one round per team member as each team member must complete a task, this makes it less time-consuming if you are pressed for time.
In every round one team member from each team must complete the task assigned for that round failing to complete the task will result in a loss. The team that loses the most rounds do not win the incentive, it is a good idea to motivate teams with an incentive. The incentive could be leaving one hour earlier on a Friday afternoon.

Clay pigeon laser shooting
Perfectly safe, a shotgun firing a laser beam is used to shoot at clays, each round has 1 clay and has five shooters each shooter receives ten shots. A computer is used to determine the order in which the clay was hit within a thousandth of a second.

Make your own sports team
Dividing into teams and playing against each other or perhaps against another company. In most cases a reward system should be implemented where by the losing team say out of five games pays for the winning team to have a braai one Friday afternoon after work.
This will motivate players not only for the game but also in the work place as the excitement of beating another company or team brings work members together and teaches them to once again work towards a common goal.

The above mentioned team building activities may be applied to the following sports.
• Bowling
• Ping pong
• Tennis
• Pool
• Darts

Use the team building exercise to motivate workers by reminding them at weekly meetings how well they work together in team building challenges and encourage them to do the same at the office.