Team building activities are an excellent way to create a sense of camaraderie within an organization. Teambuilding activities are designed to be fun, challenging, and competitive. When planning for a team building activity, here are a couple of tips that will ensure that your teambuilding event will be a fun, memorable experience for all!

• Variety
Not everyone enjoys the same things. Some prefer physical activity, while some prefer strategic or puzzle games. Accept that you can’t please everyone all the time. Having a variety of options will ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

• Activity First
If you are organizing a conference after the activity, look to the location of the activity to provide you with a conference venue. For example, many soccer fields and parks have beautiful restaurants nearby, many even within walking distance.

• Call it Something (Anything!) Else
Sometimes the word “teambuilding” can conjure up memories of high school camps where students were forced into activities that seemed more “boot camp” than “team build”. If excitement over “teambuilding” isn’t what you expected, calling it a “group activity” or “challenge day” may break the ice.

• Know Your Objectives
Is your teambuilding going to be relevant to the work you do, or will it be a refreshing break from the office? Are you trying to focus on teamwork or individual competition? Knowing what you want from your teambuilding can help you decide on an activity plan. For example, soccer is a great team builder, while an obstacle course is more of an individual activity.

• Budget
Teambuilding activities can range from less than R100 per person all the way into the thousands. Keep in mind you will be expected to provide food, drinks and refreshments for every person attending. Budgeting for food and refreshments first will show you how much of your budget you are able to spend on the activity, venue etc.

• Use Activities to Start Your Conference
Using activities can break the ice and make everyone feel comfortable. Beginning a conference with a teambuilding activity will ensure that everyone is relaxed, and that leads to more confidence and better communication.

• Who You Gonna Call?
Sometimes it’s best to accept that you need to call in the professionals. If you don’t know many teambuilding companies, contact a few and compare their activities, costs etc. A professional can tailor a teambuilding day o your specific needs, and many have relationships with a variety of venues.

• Weather
If your activity is meant to take place outdoors, never forget to have a Plan-B for bad weather. If it begins to rain and you have to send everyone back home because you don’t have a back-up plan, it makes you look unorganized and unprofessional and excitement (and expectations) for the next teambuilding day probably won’t be very high.

• Step Out of the Spotlight
It’s not all about you and what you want to do. Consider what everyone else wants to do, and try accommodate their desires, too. Once you have a few ideas, run them past your employees to see whether you’re on the right track.

• Be Silly, Have Fun
Some teambuilding exercises are not meant to be hyper-competitive or teach new skills. Some, like building a balloon tower or egg drop, are meant to be silly and fun. When everyone feels a bit ridiculous, bonding comes naturally.