If you want to find a way of building relationships in a work-based team and getting them to work together, you need to take them away from the daily grind and to a different environment entirely. You can do this with a team building event somewhere far from the pressures of the workplace, where the team can play games and finish tasks together. This is called orienteering.

Working in smaller teams, each person will have to contribute to looking for a treasure chest, hidden somewhere at the site. They will need to work together and exchange information to find it and this will require some map reading skills and a pair of sturdy shoes. Of course, no one wants to start from zero, so it is advisable that the team is given some map reading information first, but after that they are on their own and off to find the hidden bounty.

The route that the team has to follow forces them to look for keys and codes which they will use to open the treasure chest once they find it. They can also contact each other with radios and work as one big team. Though the event requires physical activity, its end goal is about team work and working together to complete a challenge, as they would have to do in the workplace. Each team member will assume a certain role and as such, this makes them feel they have a place they belong.

Once they have found the treasure, you can decide if your team is done for the day or if you prefer for them to have a dinner or to feedback on the event. One thing that is for sure is that you will be able to see exactly what role each person in your team plays and whether they are enthusiastic enough to help complete the challenge. Those who enjoy working for you, and enjoy working with their peers will thrive, while those will little or no interest in the company may find they have a new enthusiasm for what you do.