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Terms And Conditions

The following terms and conditions (these "Terms and Conditions") govern your access to and use of the WorkAholic website. This includes any access and use of all content, system functionality and/or seller proposals offered on or through www.WorkAholic.co.za (the "Site") by WorkAholic found (1 Malton Road, Wynberg, Cape Town, South Africa) and, applies in respect to any associated payment processing services, and any subsidiary accounts, offers or services collectively referred hereto as "WorkAholic.co.za" "our" "our website" "WorkAholic" "we" or "us".

This stuff is important, so please read through these Terms and Conditions very carefully before you begin using our website and/or any services provided by us.

Using our website, opening an account, clicking to accept to agree to the Terms and Conditions, "Got it" you are accepting, are bound by and agree to, on behalf of yourself or on behalf of your employer and any other legal entity, to completely and in good faith adhere to these Terms and Conditions, which further includes our Payout Policy (“Payout Policy”) & our Privacy Policy, each of which can be found in the left sidebar links for easy reference.

If however, you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions or our Privacy Policy, you are NOT permitted to access our website or make use of services found on WorkAholic.co.za. These Terms and conditions may be updated from time to time at the discretion of WorkAholic.co.za please ensure you remain updated at all times.

Our website is available to people over the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18 you are not permitted to use our website. To continue using WorkAholic.co.za you consequentially warrant that you are of legal age to contractually agree to meet this eligibility requirement.


  • Buyer/s are people who buy services on WorkAholic.co.za.
  • Seller/s are people who provide and perform services through Job Proposals on WorkAholic.co.za..
  • Job Proposal/s enables Sellers to offer different services at various prices points over a specified time-frames.
  • Job Proposal Page/s are where a Seller outlines their offer and terms, and where the Buyer may purchase to create an order.
  • Order Page/s are where Buyers & Sellers may privately communicate about an ordered Job Proposal.
  • Orders are the formal agreement between Buyers and Sellers following a purchase from the Seller’s Job Proposal Page.


  • Only verified and registered users may transact by buying or selling on the WorkAholic.co.za platform. There are no costs to opening an account.
  • Job Proposals on WorkAholic are offered at a starting price of R350. Many Job Proposals however prices are determined by the Seller and NOT the WorkAholic.co.za.
  • Buyers pay WorkAholic.co.za in advance to initiate the order with the Seller.
  • Buyers start the order using the "Add to cart" button located on each Seller’s Job Proposal page and proceeding through the payment process.
  • More information on the fees and payments, please see the Payout Policy terms page.
  • Sellers need to complete their orders to the satisfaction of Buyers in order to receive due payment from WorkAholic.co.za.
  • WorkAholic functions as an escrow agent between willing buyers and willing sellers and will assume no liability or responsibility to the outcome of Job Proposals.
  • Sellers accrue account levels based on their performance on WorkAholic.co.za which rewards their reputation for completed Job Proposals with positive Buyer reviews.
  • Users of WorkAholic may not offer or accept payments using any other payment method other than the order process provided by WorkAholic.co.za.
  • When buying a Job Proposal offered by a Seller, Buyers are granted all intellectual property rights for the work delivered by the Seller, unless this is otherwise specified by the Seller in their Job Proposal page offer.
  • WorkAholic retains the absolute right to use all works published by Sellers for marketing or promotion purposes of our platform.
  • Works uploaded to WorkAholic by Sellers user-generated content is permitted in good faith and must NOT contain any material copyrighted by a third party.
  • Privacy is important to us. Please read our Privacy Policy as our Privacy Policy is included in these Terms And Conditions and is thus incorporated for ease of reference.
  • Users of WorkAholic undertake to fully comply with our Community Standards, which include a number of behaviour rules and guidelines that apply to the WorkAholic marketplace and community that are also incorporated into these Terms And Conditions.
  • All Terms And Conditions may be updated at any time to protect WorkAholic.co.za and the marketplace that includes buyers and sellers and the respective Job Proposal transactions.
  • WorkAholic assumes NO responsibility or liability or any other legal or other claims between for any interactions that may arise from servicing Buyer and Seller Job Proposals.

Payout Policy

Privacy Policy


Community Standards

Community standards

Seller Terms

With the understandiing that both Buyers and Sellers on WorkAholic form the most important functions of the community. These terms have been designed to ensure that we protect the livelihoods of many individuals that derive an income through active participation through the WorkAholic platform. Please ensure that you read these terms carefully and understand them before using our website.

Seller basics

  • Sellers are responsible for creating Job Proposals on WorkAholic that permit or enable Buyers to purchase their service offerings.
  • Sellers successfully completing Job Proposals on behalf of a Buyers, will accredit the account with 100% of the purchase amount (minus any transaction charges that may be incurred.)
  • WorkAholic automatically credits Sellers accounts only after the order is completed to the Buyers satisfaction or the order is marked by the buyer as completed.
  • Sellers are permitted to promote their own Job Proposals or the Job Proposals of other Sellers or any content on WorkAholic in their own advertising channels and may accrue affiliate revenue to their account for doing so provided these means of promotion does NOT include ANY form of spam or that may infringe on the operations of WorkAholic.co.za or it's users.
  • The Seller's ratings are based on the reviews issued by Buyers. High ratings enable Sellers to obtain better affiliate commission structures, more exposure and better Buyer trust, whereas low ratings have the reverse effect and may in extreme cases cause a suspension of the Seller’s account.
  • Sellers reputation in the Buyer community is EVERYTHING thus WorkAholic.co.za encourages Sellers to resolve their own disputes in order to maintain their reputation and good standing in the WorkAholic.co.za community.
  • Sellers acknowledge that ongoing disputes arising from their service offerings CAN and likely WILL refund the Buyer and potentially risk their Job Proposal or account being removed.
  • For security reasons, WorkAholic may be forced to disable a Seller’s account or the ability to withdraw revenue to prevent fraud or illicit or illegal activity.
  • Abuse of WorkAholic's terms and conditions or any systems found on our website that may result in security issues, issues reported by users or any violations that could cause damage to our community or services may result in the permanent suspension of the account.
  • Sellers are INDEPENDENT entities and solely responsible for their own general liability insurance and have coverage sufficient to cover ANY risks associated with their services. WorkAholic.co.za accepts NO LIABILITY WHATSOEVER for any matter arising in dispute or litigation as a result of ANY Job Proposals or service offerings on this website.
  • Sellers are NOT employed by WorkAholic.co.za in any format whatsoever and are thus solely responsible for their OWN earnings taxation and tax declarations as independent entities.
  • Sellers commit to using the facilitatory services of WorkAholic.co.za in good faith and undertake NOT bring the WorkAholic.co.za or any related platforms good standing into disrepute in any format whatsoever.
  • Sellers undertake to fulfil their obligations to Buyers and to provide transparency and full disclosure in their agreements when undertaking their Job Proposal Orders.
  • Sellers further acknowledge that their Job Proposals text and Images are 100% unique to them and are NOT copied from any website or copyrighted works or other Job Proposals on this website.
  • Any Job Proposal created by a Seller may be routinely reviewed by WorkAholic.co.za staff and can be rejected or deleted for any reason we deem necessary. Common issues may include content copied from other websites or copyrighted images.
  • Sellers may NOT use their Job Proposals WorkAholic.co.za to promote other websites or services or affiliate platforms.
  • Sellers may only offer Job Proposals where they are competent and proficient and where Buyers will receive exponential value or benefit from the service.
  • Supporting Buyer experience and communications is crucial to sustaining the Sellers good standing in the community and is primarily the responsibility of the Seller. Sellers must be prepared to re-edit their Job Proposals to avoid future disputes or reports that may adversely affect their ratings.
  • Sellers can opt to create WorkAholic affiliate links for their own Job Proposals so that other users of WorkAholic.co.za may promote and benefit from their service offerings. The referral % is governed entirely by the Seller and WorkAholic.co.za takes no commission other than the standard tiered transaction fees.
  • Sellers may feature their proposals on WorkAholic.co.za's front page for a fee paid to WorkAholic.co.za.
  • WorkAholic.co.za reserves the right to feature Sellers Job Proposals on the front page of WorkAholic.co.za at our discretion at any time at no extra cost to Sellers.
  • Submitting a proposal for review is Free however please note that it may take up to 10 working days to review depending on our workload.
  • Please also note that ALL Job Proposals are under constant review by WorkAholic.co.za editors.
  • Scam services, poorly rated, reported or badly worded Job Proposals may be removed from the WorkAholic.co.za without warning or reason.
  • Sellers must take the time to ensure that they have properly outlined/worded their Job Proposal offerings so that the action items and responsibilities of all parties are clear and concise from the outset. When creating Job Proposals please use the FAQ feature to provide better outlines and answer Buyer questions upfront.
  • Racial, discriminatory, derogatory, defamatory, libellous, diminutive, antagonistic, abusive comments or messages in any form of communications are strictly prohibited on WorkAholic.co.za and may result in the account being closed or banned and potential legal recourse.
  • Sellers acknowledge that WorkAholic.co.za operates on low nominal transaction fee basis that makes the service attractive to both Buyers and Sellers in a healthy working community. These low fees are maintained through automation and low management overheads. All users are thus jointly obliged to helping to maintain the value of WorkAholic and it's cost-efficiency to both Buyers and Sellers.
  • In reporting Job Proposals that may cause problems to the community or resolving disputes on your own, you are working to ensure that our servicing costs remain low and that Buyers and Sellers get good value.

Job Proposals

All Jobs or Proposal Pages created on WorkAholic.co.za are created and maintained by users themselves and NOT by WorkAholic.co.za staff or management. WorkAholic.co.za accepts NO intellectual property claim, responsibility or rights associated with any Job Proposals offered through User Generated Content belonging to the Seller.

Job Proposals and/or individual users may be blocked or removed from the Workaholic.co.za platform for violating these of these Terms and Conditions. These violations may include (but not may not be limited to)

  • Any kind of illegal or fraudulent activities.
  • Infringements on copyrights or trademarks or the violation of a partner service or third party terms of service reported to our staff.
  • Inflammatory, sexually explicit, spam or violent content is strictly prohibited.
  • Intentional or un-intentional duplicates of other users Job Proposals
  • Deceptive or misleading Proposals to Buyers or other users.
  • Reselling of any goods or services that are legally regulated in South Africa.
  • Jobs or Proposal services that may extend over 30 days.
  • Low-quality Proposals
  • Advertising or Promoting WorkAholic and/or WorkAholic Job Proposals using marketing activities that infringe on any laws, regulations, or 3rd party terms of service (email spam, SEO spam etc), or any marketing that negatively impact our good standings with our WorkAholic.co.za's users or partners.

Furthermore, any Job Proposals that are manually removed for a violation of our Terms And Conditions, could result in a permanent ban of a Seller’s account and all their associated Job Proposals.

Job Proposals which are deleted for violation reasons are not able to be restored and are considered irrecoverable.

Job Proposals may not contain website URLs within the Job Proposal description / requirements or frequently asked questions box. Proposals that contain websites or promotes content, that violates WorkAholic.co.za's Terms And Conditions will likely be removed.

All Job Proposals must contain at least 1 Job Proposal image that is related to the Job service provided by the Seller. 

Sellers are required to deliver the same quality of service as depicted in their Job Proposal.

Any statements on Sellers Job Proposal Pages which undermine or disregard these Terms And Conditions are strictly prohibited.

Valid Job Proposals may create Proposal Packages in the format structured in WorkAholic.co.za and may offer multiple price points for their Job Proposal.

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